Upgrading the memory of the DIY iPhone is possible, but not worth it

Have you ever wdered what it would take to give more storage to your iPhone? Apple charges a lot for the extra room; maybe you could save a package by buying a low capacity versi and update the memory of the iPhone yourself.

An amateur took his iPhone successfully from 16GB to 128GB. But as he showed in a video detailing the process, it was a lot of work.

The video was produced by Scotty of Strange Parts, which some might recognize as the guy who managed to put a headphe jack into an iPhone 7.

Step 1: Get the chip and the chip reader [19659005] Upgrading the memory in the phe is theoretically a simple process. Simply remove the low-capacity chip and replace it with a larger e.

But the ctents of the original chip must be copied to the new e. For that Scotty bought a chip programmer. In his first complicati, he also had to buy a Windows computer because the programmer did not work with Mac

Then he needed to remove the memory chip from the iPhone …. [19659008]

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