UK Big Brother Road Signs Mitor Drivers Using iPhones

Distracted driving is a major source of accidents. In the hope of combating this problem, signs to detect if a mobile phe is being used are being tested in the UK.

Signs light up just to remind the motorist to put down his phe. Plans to register the license plates of drivers receiving warnings are under study. And traffic quotes are the next likely step.

Britain is not ale in this effort. Australia is exploring the possibility of using cameras motorists who are their cell phes when they drive.

"RoboCop" machines that can issue tickets to motorists are ctroversial. They hit Big Brother, a policeman who always looks and can not be discussed with. And cfiguratis designed to indicate if somee is using his phe while driving are facing even greater shrinkage from the public because they are new and untested.

Big Brother has a radio, not a camera

uses cameras to detect if a driver is holding his phe. The British method is different. The sign indicates an antenna the road and turns when it detects a phe that is transmitting to a cell tower. He can tell if Bluetooth is also used, telling him not to activate.

There are obvious limitatis to this, which has not escaped Westcotec, the company that is making signs for the Norfolk County Council. A spokesman told the BBC that "the system can not tell the difference between a driver and the passengers of a bus, for example, but …

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