Twitter follows the example of Apple emoji pistols

The emoji gun was rejected by Twitter. Instead, his place is taken by a bright green spray gun.

Apple was the first to replace this ctroversial emoji with a harmless pool toy, and many other companies have followed suit.

This will probably lead some people to look up what they csider politically correct. For them, the emoji gun is an innocent part of a "just shoot me" message.

Others know how often the gun is used in cyberbullying. Or to threaten the ex-women. It's much harder to do with a colorful pool toy.

The slow death of the emoji gun

Apple put a water toy in place of a pistol in its emoji lineup in 2016. have since followed, including Samsung included.

But there are holdouts. Some device makers have resisted, including Microsoft and Google. Both use semi-realistic pistols. And phes that have not been updated for years may have obsolete emojis.

This means that everye must be careful using the emoji pistol. A …

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