Trump gives Apple practical advice to escape the trade war with his China

This week, Apple warned the Trump regime that a tariff reducti China would raise the cost of many products.

President Dald Tramp suggested that Apple is manufacturing products in the United States, not China. Unfortunately, that is not that easy.

According to a letter sent to the US trade delegati, Apple Watch, AirPods, HomePod, Mac mini, Apple Pencil will be involved in the new tariff proposed by the Trump Administrati for products made in China. It is difficult to see how tariffs that hurt US companies and csumers in the US will advance the Government's goals with regard to China's technology policy, "Apple said in a letter.

Simple answer cards to President's complicated problem

Presidential cards Respd via Twitter say:

"Apple's price may rise due to the huge tariff that we may impose China, but there is a simple soluti that there is a zero tax, in fact there is a tax incentive measures Make your product in the US instead of China Now start building new plants Exciting! #MAGA "

This is not the first time President urged Apple to make an iPhe in America. However, it is an attempt to solve a very complicated problem with a simple answer. Despite the legend of Gordian Knot, these generally do not work well and will not work for Apple.

First of all, most of the compents that make up the iPhe are produced ly by Asian companies. And this is not the case that Apple is trying to throw away American products for a cheaper substitute. There is no good choice of America.

A series processors can ly be manufactured by a single company manufactured by TSMC in Taiwan. Apple tried to get these chips from Intel, but there were no US companies so far.



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