Today in the history of Apple: the revolutiary MP3 format gets its name

  July 14 Today in the history of Apple July 14, 1995: The MP3 file format receives its official name as the new .bit file extensi is changed in .mp3. The technology allows the compressi of a standard .wav CD file to e-tenth of its original size, thanks to some intelligent algorithms.

The format will revolutiize the music industry – and put Apple the road to cquering world dominati

Thousand sgs in your pocket

The MP3 allows easy sharing of music tracks line and makes the music more portable than ever. The Apple iPod will become the world's best-known MP3 player, capitalizing quickly the new format.

MP3 was giving people the opportunity, as Apple would later say, to "put a thousand sgs in their pocket".

Although this does not seem to be the case in the current world of broadband cnectivity, the reducti in the size of sg files from 32 MB to 3 MB has been massive in the mid-1990s.

time, the speed of a typical modem was just 28.8k or 56k. This meant that a 32 MB file would literally take hours to download. With hard drives much smaller than today, it also meant that you would have a hard time holding a lot more than e or two albums a typical computer. (For example, the Power Mac 7100, which many Apple owners would use in 1995, comes with a 250 MB hard drive at 700 MB.)

How MP3 format reduces file size

find a way to encode data using inaccurate approximatis and partial data rejectis to reduce …

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