Today in the history of Apple: iTunes reaches 1 milli downloads the first week

May 5, 2003: Just a week after the launch from the iTunes Music Store, Apple reaches an incredible mileste with over 1 milli sgs sold

Especially notable is the fact that more than half of the sgs purchased are albums. This quickly dispels fears that the sale of individual tracks kills the dominant format of the record industry. In additi, more than half of the 200,000 sgs initially available iTunes are downloaded at least ce. ” width=”80″ height=”80″/> It's a resounding success for the all-new adventure of Apple

Breaking records by selling records

"In less than a week, we broke all records and become the largest line music company in the world in a report. "Apple has created the first complete soluti for the era of digital music – you can buy your favorite music line iTunes Music Store, mix your favorite tracks in playlists with iTunes, and take away all your music collecti with you new iPods. "

When the iTunes Music Store opened, there was no guarantee that it would work. File sharing services like Napster fueled an explosi of illegal music downloads." Skeptics wdered if people would pay 99 cents per share in exchange for an attractive user experience (and a legal transacti).

Although Jobs cvinces the leaders of the "Big Five" – ​​BMG, EMI , Sy Music Entertainment, Universal and Warner – to sell their music iTunes, execs remained ccerned that the move would result in CD sales.

iTunes Music Store is a surprising success

The Surprise labels the success of iTunes appeared in their officially sanctied statements, published by Apple.

"Hitting a milli sgs in less than a week was totally unexpected," A reported Roger Ames, chairman and CEO of Warner Music Group. "Apple has shown music fans, artists, and the music industry as a whole that there is an easy and effective way to legally distribute music over the Internet."

"Our internal success has been selling an iTunes Music Store milli sgs in the first mth.Doing this in a week is an exaggerated success," said Doug Morris, CEO of Universal Music Group. is absolutely right with iTunes Music Store. "

To celebrate the news, Apple said that iTunes would add more than 3200 new tracks. (This included an exclusive sg and a Coldplay clip.)

In six mths, the number of sgs in the iTunes Music Store has doubled.

iTunes downloads

Apple has canceled download records, with the sales rate ly increasing. As of December 15, 2003, iTunes Music Store reached its 25 millith download.In the following July, Apple sold its 100 millith sg.Today, Apple has sold more than 40 billi sgs to the north.

Apple then increased its digital offerings by adding downloadable TV shows, music videos, movies and later apps

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