Today in Apple's history: Apple introduces the Apple III doomed

 May 19: Today in Apple history: Apple introduces the doomed Apple III computer May 19, 1980: Apple introduces the Apple III at the Natial Computer Cference in Anaheim, California.

After two years of development, the Apple III arrives to follow the enormously successful Apple II. For a variety of reass, it turns out to be the company's first major misstep.


Inside the company, teams referred to the Apple III by the code name "Sara." paper, it should have been a massive success. For the first time, Steve Wozniak ale was not a computer. Instead, Apple threw a committee of qualified experts at the project – all of them had their own ideas about what the new computer should be and do.

The result was "feature creep." A project that should have lasted 10 mths stretched Out for a couple of years.

From Apple's perspective, e of the imperatives was to make the Apple III a competitive business computer. Although the Apple II showed no signs of slowing down, and the Macintosh project was just getting started, Apple wanted a computer that would appeal to companies. The IBM PC was so heavily rumored, and Apple wanted a machine that could shoot it down.

In terms of specs, the original Apple III boasted a 2 MHz SynerTek 6502A processor, a whopping 2KB of ROM and 128KB of RAM, and four slots for peripherals. It ran twice as quickly as the Apple II. It was also Apple's first computer to come with a built-in 5.25-inch floppy drive.

The Apple III could emulate the Apple …

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