Tim Cook will not compromise Mac and iPad by combining them

Tim Cook is generally silent about Apple's plans, but there's e thing he's talking about: his company's laptops and tablets are not going to merge.

This is a questi that comes up every two years. This is understandable, given the recent rumors that macOS would migrate to the same type of processors as iOS, supposedly to allow applicatis to run both Mac and iPad.

But the Apple CEO recently made it clear that merging the Mac and iPad lines would be bad for both. He told a Sydney Morning Herald reporter, "We do not believe in some kind of squandering of e for the other. Both are incredible. e of the reass why both are incredible is because we pushed them to do what they do well. And if you start to merge the two … you start to compromise and compromise. "

It's essentially a rehearsal of what Apple executives have said before." Phil Schiller, director of marketing, said in 2016, "We spent a lot of time looking at this. has many years and have come to the cclusi that to make the best persal computer, you can not try to turn macOS into an iPhone.Inversely, you can not turn iOS into Mac … So everye is the best at what They are supposed to be – and we take what makes sense to add from everye, but without basically changing them so that they are compromised. "

But what about Kalamata and marzipan?

MacBooks and iMac run Intel processors, but Apple is supposed to migrate macOS to ARM-based chips that it will produce itself. It would be a gigantic project and would require third-party developers to modify their applicatis for the new processor architecture.

This switch, which would bear the code name Kalamata, would have Macs, iPhones and iPads all running the same processor architecture.

A separate rumor says that Apple will then take the next logical step and allow developers to write applicatis that would work a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet and a phe.

We can assume that the objective is more than macOS …

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