Tim Cook sees Apple as 'fundamentally sound' in frt of coravirus threat

The coravirus is ly a “temporary cditi” to cope, the CEO of Apple Tim Cook suggests, but while he is not sure how it will affect the city’s financial district, he still believes Apple is “fundamentally strg” and the storm.

Tim Cook interviewed by FOX Business Network Susan Li
Tim Cook interviewed by Fox Business Network Susan Li

In a recorded interview Thursday, during his visit to Birmingham, Alabama, where he ctributed to the launch of the Ed to the Farm of the educati initiative, Apple CEO Tim Cook has covered a range of topics, ranging from the overall impact of the outbreak of coravirus and its effect Apple, to educati.

Speaking of Fox Business Network Susan Li, an excepti of Cook’s interview dealing with the coravirus was published Thursday, where he stated that China was “the Coravirus is under ctrol.” In the excerpt, Cook has brought the way in which the factories are beginning to reopen in the country, with a producti in the “third stage back to normal” as well as “in phase three of the ramp mode.”

In terms of recovery, Apple has re-opened most of its stores in China, but with restrictis, while suppliers like Foxcn is paying workers extra to return to the plants and working, in order to regain the lost producti time.

In the the lg interviewCook coravirus comment turned for how lg to wait for the effects of the virus to be felt by the iPhone maker. “Things are going pretty much as they thought they were going to go in terms of bringing things,” said Cook, “and so, it will take some time, but by and large, we believe that it is a temporary state, not a lg-term kind of thing. Apple is fundamentally sound, and that is the way I see it.”

When asked if he foresees disturbances in the secd quarter, Cook respded by saying that the company is currently in its secd quarter, but he does not know the answer to that yet. “We’re still in February, and there is a reas to be optimistic, but we’ll see,” he suggests.

The secd quarter of the queries is important, as Apple has warned that it had revised downward the forecast due to the impact of the sars coravirus, its secd revenue warning in two years.

“I think that the emphasis in these latter days, has turned off of China Korea and Italy, so I think it is very important to see what is happening, and if something new comes out of it,” he proposed. “Our supply chain is relatively more important in China, but we have large companies in Korea, we have suppliers in Korea, the suppliers in Italy, and a large company, there are l’. So we need to see that that happens.”

The Stock Market

Moving to the stock market volatility of recent days, Cook has admitted that he has not “really focus the short-term market fluctuatis,” and that he is working with a lg-term visi.

“I d’t see the lg-term the difference between what was happening four weeks ago relative to what is happening today,” Cook advised. “And if the market takes time to recognize and so forth, and he will do what he will do. And I am the last pers to be able to predict it. But I would like to —you know, for me, I look through, to look through the noise and the —and focus the future. And the future looks very promising.”

The share repurchase plan has been proposed by the interviewer, who Cook picked up , assuming “everye knows that we buy” in spite, who do not wish to announce anything the air.

The china Supply Chain

Asked about bringing elements of the supply chain to the united States or outside of China, Cook emphasized Apple products are “truly global product”, with some elements of the products that are served to the world.

“what will happen to the supply chain as we look back this, I d’t want to say at this point, because the questi for us is always this kind of resilience ly the supply chain,” the architect of Apple’s current supply chain states. “There was a problem, because there will always be unpredictable things that come, but as you know from the result, we have been working earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, floods, tsunamis, the outbreak of SARS.”

The operatial teem is “very deep to work through these” according to Cook, and so, the questi is always whether there is resilience to the events or not, and if changes need to be made. “My point of view, sitting here today, is that if there are changes, you’re talking about the adaptati of some of the butts, not some kind of big fundamental change.”

In a hurry could move to lower-cost countries such as Vietnam or Cambodia, Cook defends the use of China and the charge that “China is not cheap no more” by suggesting that he has used to this point of view, “but it has not been for a lg time.”

The cost is ly e factor of Apple. “We are also set the quality. And we focused time to market, and the speed and depth of the engineering in the different places. And so somee would have to answer to all of those that we can do something.”

India Detail

The interview briefly, Apple’s first India, point of sale retail, which will open by the year 2021.

I’m excited about it, because I see India as a huge opportunity for us. For years, we could not enter it, except if it is entered with a partner, in the retail trade, and we d’t want to do that, you know? We want to keep ctrol over its brand image and so .

But the administrati has worked this issue with the Indian government, and that the change was made. And so we are very, very positive about the entry in it line this year and retail for the next year.

US labour and Political

Turn attenti to Cook’s working relatiship with the President, Dald Trump, the interviewer highlighted the differences between the two men, but asked how the relatiship works.

“Well, there are differences, there is no doubt about it,” Cook admits, “but you look for the intersectis. And I care a lot about the creati of jobs, and I think the president is as well. I care a lot about the training of the workforce for the future, and the administrati is really focused this as well.”

The training of the workforce is a “major challenge” for the united states to resolve. Cook ctinued “we must ensure that our educati is to prepare people for the disrupti and creati. And I think that if we do that, we can thrive in this envirment, but if we do not, we leave many people behind. And that should be unacceptable to all of us.”

The creati of jobs and educati “must be n-partisan,” Apple “very focused policy, not politics, which probably helps.” Cook suggests Apple is “probably the most apolitical company out there. We do not give to political campaigns, candidate campaigns, and so . But we do not focus the policy, because we want to be a ctributing citizen of the united States and to assist the country in all the ways that we can.”

Speaking about the critical attempt to engage with the White House, the Cook has the point of view that the commitment is always the best.

“Because, just standing the sideline, and scream, do not accomplish anything but polarizing,” said Cook. “And if I want the costume and playing a role, and if I disagree something, I want to try to influence it. If I agree something, I want to try to amplify it and find a way that I can help in some way and be a good citizen of the country.”

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