Tim Cook Dates More than 23,000 of His Apple Shares to Charity

Apple CEO Tim Cook has submitted 23,215 shares of Apple to an unknown charity, SEC filed Business insider. AAPL shares ended trading at 215.04 Tuesday and today the value of this dati rose to about $ 4.99 milli. Of course, its value will change with the passage of time and the stock dividend will get a charity of $ 16,947 quarterly. It is a gift of $ 67,788 per year, and ctinues gifts. If Apple ctinues to increase its dividend, it could grow. In other words, it is a gift from a man who promised to give up all his wealth already (after providing his young nephew 's educati).

check it out: Tim Cook dates over 23,000 Apple shares to charity

Tim Cook dates over 23,000 Apple shares to charity



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