This Siri Shortcut will automatically text your commute time to your spouse

This Siri shortcut will send a message to a friend, spouse or other ctact telling him how lg it will be until you arrive. ce cfigured, just say something simple (and easy to remember), like "Coming home so".

This shortcut uses a brand new feature in Shortcuts beta 2.0 that allows sending messages in the background, without having to cfirm them beforehand. It's a small but powerful additi. ce Apple comes out of the nodes, this feature can make a huge difference in the utility of Siri shortcuts a daily basis.

Send iMessages without human cfirmati

Today, we will see how to use the new shortcut app in the beta of iOS 12 for:

  • Get your travel time to your home.
  • Compose a message telling a ctact how lg it will take to get there.
  • Send this message without further interacti.

The shortcut is simple. Here is a screenshot of the steps you need. I used the iPad versi because it is bigger and easier to read.

Just fill in the gaps and you're ready to go.Just fill in the gaps and you're ready to go.

To persalize this shortcut, add your home address (or the address of your office if you wish to use it for your colleagues or boss) in the Street Address not up. You can fill it in correctly, or you can simply paste the full address into the Line 1 domain and it seems to work properly.

Then make sure the Get the journey time the stage is …



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