This simple backdoor hack for your Mac is exactly why FileVault should be enabled

If you do not use FileVault your Mac, it's time to change it right now. There is an incredibly simple way to create a backdoor in your Mac using ly the tools included with macOS, but all you need to overcome the threat is FileVault

  MacBook Pro with Lock and Chain [19659003] FileVault can save your Mac from an easy to set up back door</p></div><p> FileVault is the full disk encrypti feature of Apple that is built into macOS. When this feature is enabled, all ctent  your SSD or hard drive is encrypted and accessible ly when you Apple: to your user account. Starting your Mac in Safe Mode will leave your drive encrypted and accessible ly after entering your password.</p><div class='code-block code-block-3' style='margin: 8px 0; clear: both;'> <script async src=

Apple uses XTS-AES-128 encrypti with a 256-bit key to keep your data locked and private. This is great for keeping your reader's eyes indiscreet if your computer is lost or stolen.

The Simple Back Door Hack in Your Mac

FileVault also protects you from the backdoor hack Details Tokye details the Wder How To website. The rear door cfigurati requires cvenient access to your Mac and quick command line work.

Rear door cfigurati starts with single-user boot. After that, you use Netcat and Cr with some simple scripts to create a back door always accessible in the computer. Anye with basic command line skills can set up the back door in minutes, and you would not be the wisest.

ce the back door is in place, the attacker can remotely access your computer with command line access to your …

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