This new authenticati technology could eradicate passwords, stop phishing

P Keywords have lg been the global standard for basic authenticati and web-based login. But many groups are working towards a future where passwords could be a thing of the past.

The FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Csortium (W3C) announced Tuesday a new security and cnecti standard called WebAuthn. . While the standard has been in preparati for several years, today's announcement marks a mileste in its development.

WebAuthn promises users a safer and easier way to cnect to a website or an line service. Rather than relying text-based passwords, the new standard would use biometric methods or USB tokens to securely sign users.

What that would give in a practical sense would be quite simple. Instead of typing a password, you simply authenticate via a fingerprint or face ID a smartphe, or by inserting a USB security key into your computer. These methods could be combined with a password for a …

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