This iPhone "Tesla" X has a solar charge panel, costs $ 4,000 +

If somee thinks that the stock of the iPhone X is expensive, a Russian accessories manufacturer named Caviar is here to prove it.

Caviar recently unveiled an iPhone X inspired by Tesla Motors. made of carb fiber and gold and it sports an integrated solar panel and a battery. As you might expect, the custom handset is not cheap. Even the cheapest model will cost you over $ 4,000 [19659002] Like the iPhone X vanilla, there are two variants: a 64-gigabyte model priced at $ 4,064 and a 128-gigabyte model that starts at around $ 4,847. The compents of solar-harness energy are not just for the show, either. Caviar said that the shock-resistant panel can charge the phe via sunlight or bright interior lamps. Other custom modificatis include a carb base and a small solar charge indicator.

  Model Iphe X Tesla

Image via Caviar

Of course, the ability to recharge your iPhone alg the way is accompanied by a compromise. The device is a bit thicker than a standard iPhone X. It is about 16.2 mm compared to the usual 7.7 mm. It is so thick, in fact, that the protruding camera hump actually seems embedded in the case.

The Italian-based accessories manufacturer, based in Italy, says the custom device is inspired by Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs and Tesla Motors. El Musk

Caviar also seems to take Musk inspirati seriously. The side of the phe is engraved with the phrase "Made Earth by Humans" – which is also printed the circuit board of the Tesla Roadster that Musk launched in …

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