This iPhone app will warn you if you are too drunk to drive using AI

B Retreaders are a surefire way to determine if you've had e too many and it's better not to not take the wheel of a car; but a new iPhone applicati under development hopes to improve things using artificial intelligence (AI) in a joint scientific and technological attempt to assess your level of drunkenness without your knowledge or your interventi.

The applicati, called AlcoGait, would use a combinati of built-in sensors from the iPhone, AI, and predetermined measures to ctinuously mitor a user's walk – measuring his gait and comparing these measurements against a pre-recorded standard observed when the user was sober. 19659006] Currently under development by a team of researchers from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and Bost University AlcoGait is funded in part by a $ 500,000 grant from the Natial Institute of Alcohol Abuse L & Alcoholism, according to a report Metro

"When people drink and that they have exceeded the limit of alcohol, basically e of the first C & # 39; is the brain that tells you that you are too drunk to functi, "said Emmanuel Agu, development director of AlcoGait and associate professor of computing at WPI." So, many people are too drunk to drive, but they do not know that they are too drunk. "

How it works

AlcoGait's goal, unlike other sobriety test apps like Druid, for example, is that it is designed for cstantly ] mitor your walking activity without any interventi your part.

The applicati would learn how you walk and evaluate / document your approach while you use it soberly, comparing these recorded measures to abnormal walking patterns (ie, in state of intoxicati) that may or may not occur later. 19659013] Alcogait "width =" 927 "height =" 475 "srcset ="×12.jpg "data-srcset =" 927w, -450×231.jpg 450w,×394.jpg 768w, /2018/05/01140336/AlcoGait-800×410.jpg 800w "sizes =" (max-width: 927px) 100vw, 927px "/>

So, if you wander like a sloppy drunk sailor, an abnormal gait is detected AlcoGait then emits a warning and alarming warning you that it's better not to drive.

"If the phe app detects intoxicati when you walk, it can also warn you that you Do not drive and you risk falling, hurting yourself or doing other risky behaviors "says Bost University. Michael Stein, professor and co-researcher, in an interview with The Daily Free Press

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials, which involved involuntary intoxicati of a cohort of students , evaluating their blood alcohol level. According to e report, the investigati would have determined whether AlcoGait was able to determine if any of them was actually wasted, according to the report.

And while the researchers were hoping at first that the applicati is ready for presentati by the end of 2017, apparently, it is still in the making. to be fine-tuned for its great beginnings.

Release Date

No official word about when it will arrive the iOS app store, nor how much it will cost, but apparently, Agu and his team are already heading for bets more ambitious. Specifically, they hope that AlcoGait will someday be able to automatically disable the user's car, while calling an Uber or Lyft their behalf, in tricky situatis.

To learn more about AlcoGait and its implicatis, visit the Worcester Polytechnic The official page of the institute's study here Read more: Apple Watch warned Florida Kidney Failure Saving e's Life

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