This box turns your iPad into an ultimate guitar pedal

Electric guitar players have effects pedals. It's an addicti and a law of nature. We ctinue to buy small pedals in pursuit of the perfect sound, and of course we do not even call the sound. We call it "your". But the sensible players do not try to overcome the addicti. They switch to the software. Instead of buying and trading expensive hardware boxes, they are evolving into iOS effects applicatis, which allow you to experiment at minimal cost.

This is where the new iRig Stomp I / O crankset from IK Multimedia comes in. a pedal that gives guitarists a familiar frt to all these amazing iOS effects.

iRig Stomp I / O Guitar Pedalboard

  This is a beautiful beast. It's a beautiful beast.

The Stomp I / O is pretty cool. It has four footswitches, plus an expressi pedal, which is a bit like a footswitch, the same type of pedal that ctrols a wah-wah pedal, ly this e can ctrol n & rsquo; Any type of sound parameter. The ly other ctrols …

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