These celebrities are paid by Android, but they were caught using the iPhone

Paying celebrities seen using your product is a fairly comm way. Apple has not learned it, but other companies do.

When it gets interesting, it is when celebrities are caught using the iPhone and recommend rival devices. Users of Reddit have created a list of people who have been unable to give up their favorite devices.

Celebrity endorsement was wrg

Gal ยท Gado makes a magnificent wder woman, but even a super hero makes mistakes. Just like her I used an iPhone I muttered that Huawei Mate 10 Pro was "my new compani".

Microsoft has spent a lot of this decade to make tablet's Surface line to iPad's key competiti, including paying Oprah Winfrey to support Windows computers. That's why the company may not be interesting when murmuring using the iPad. I already bought 12 for a Christmas gift.

John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile, is a business celebrity and I'm pleased "Tweeted @ SamsungMobile decided to bring Fatys to the state. I do not know what to do without note # 3 But "he probably used his iPhone as I could guess what I am now. When somee points out a fake path, he laughed and said he is carrying both iOS and Android devices.

And these are just a few examples of celebrity endorsements edited by H4 xolotl, The list includes Ellen DeGeneres, David Beckham, Kate Upt, as well as LG's PR Team and Chinese Communist Party.



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