There is a possibility that the iPhone keyboard sees this badly

The very first iPhone designer had problems. How can I make the -screen keyboard a 2.0 x 1.3 inch space? Apple's designer, Ken Kishenda, explains the difficulty of extracting from his future book.

His 304 page descripti at Apple for his 15 years has not come out yet, but he was looking at the keyboard ccept early, which did not go well.

Designers had a hard time trying to find a way to create less than half of the credit card's input-capable input devices.

This was a big problem. Their soluti had to win not ly the work but also the skeptical audience. A New York Times The 2007 article is an article written before the release, after the first generati iPhone was announced by Steve Jobs and shows how much the suspicious pers was a phe with a virtual keyboard.

Apple's software design director Scott Forstall holds a ctest where Kocienda and other designers propose keyboard ccepts and winners are handed over to the executive team of Apple.

A (bad) iPhone keyboard ccept

Ken Kocienda's early iPhone keyboard ccept.
Photo: Ken Kocienda

The design proposed by Kocienda puts two or three letters in each key. This made it possible to key large enough for a pers to tap exactly with the thumb. The iPhone displays words that the user can cfigure from the pressed keys and selects what the user actually intended.

He w the ctest, but the design did not appreciate Apple executives. Kocienda explains what happened when demstrated to Apple's marketing manager Phil Schiller. "Phil was not satisfied, I was surprised that I completed very early and the demstrati ended in about two minutes."

Excerpt, how the final design is not described …



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