There is a new NBA advertisement that hijacks Siri HomePod

A As diversi of smart speakers and PDAs are not new – they have been around for a year or two. But now they have a new target: Apple HomePod.

According to anecdotal user reports Reddit, there is a commercial broadcast of the NBA TNT that has activated Siri their HomePod devices. The ad uses the phrase "You do not want to miss? Hey Siri, show me the schedule of the NBA," writes several Redditors

The announcement seems tailor-made to activate the devices HomePod, but in theory, it could trigger Siri any device with the Hey Siri feature. AppleInsider corroborated the HomePod trigger in his own tests, but noted that the ad did not seem to activate Siri iPhone or iPad devices at a "normal" distance from a TV. Presumably, this is because of the lack of speech recogniti HomePod and the advanced range of sensitive microphes.

As Apple noted in a recent Machine Learning Journal article, the Hey Siri feature iOS is designed to meet the unique voice of a user. during installati. However, it does not appear that this customizati is transmitted to the HomePod devices of these users. Most users note that HomePod can be enabled by anye saying Hey Siri.

Last year, a commercial Burger King hijacked Android phes and smart speakers Google Home – the short commercial ad used the phrase "OK Google, what is it? Whopper hamburger? "At the time, some users were impressed by his creativity, but many were simply irritated.

In the wake of this ad, there has been a wave of similar advertisements targeting both Google's assistant and Alexa's Amaz. However, the latter uses a mechanism to prevent the activati of Alexa inadvertently in its own advertisements. But the NBA's advertising is apparently the first to specifically target Apple's smart speaker.

Although these advertisements are intential, smart speakers are also triggered by accident. The assistant activati sentences are pretty ubiquitous now, and appear frequently in the …

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