The smart sprinkler system Rachio 3 adds the HomeKit and Siri integrati with free software update

Elgato & # 39; s smart hose attachment led the way (reviewed) with sprinkler integrati earlier this year in HomeKit. Today Rachio announces the first smart sprinkler ctroller ($ 229) with HomeKit integrati.

After a simple installati process, users can ctrol their sprinkler via the Home app or use their voice with Siri. You can now ask your iPhe or even your HomePod to turn your sprinklers.

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Rachio implements the irrigati profile HomeKit. You can use the Apple Home app your iOS device to view watering zes and status, enable or disable watering, including adjust how lg the water should run.

This means you can ask Siri to do things like & # 39; Enable sprinklers & # 39 ;, & # 39; Stop spraying & # 39; or & # 39; Please drink water [ze name] for ten minutes & # 39 ;.

Unfortunately, HomeKit currently does not support automati or scenes for irrigati accessories. This is an Apple protocol policy and not a restricti Rachio integrati.

Rachio uses software authenticati to enable HomeKit support, so you do not need to purchase an additial hub or anything if you already have a Rachio 3 ctroller. Download the latest versi of the Rachio app from the App Store, go to the More tab, tap Ctroller settings, and then tap HomeKit. This will generate a HomeKit code that can be entered in the Add Accessory screen in the Apple Home app.

Owners of the first or secd generati Rachio ctroller equipment have had bad luck that the company says that those models have insufficient memory to support HomeKit. Customers must use the Rachio 3 ctroller, which is currently sale for $ 230. Read more informati the Rachio website.

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