The "secure" teen mitoring applicati caused the leak of thousands of Apple IDs, passwords

A "secure" app that allows parents to mitor the use of their teenagers' smartphes has publicly exposed thousands of Apple IDs and passwords the Web.

At least e server used by the applicati, TeenSafe, has disclosed data to thousands of parent and child accounts. The server was left unprotected – without a password – the Amaz cloud. TeenSafe is an iOS and Android app that allows parents to see their child's current locati, text, call history, web browsing data and the use of it. applicati.

Disclosed data included parents' email addresses, as well as Apple ID numbers associated with their children. The server has also listed the Apple ID passwords for unencrypted teenagers and their device names.

Worryingly, TeenSafe requires two-factor authenticati to disable teen accounts. Basically, this means that the bad actors who accessed the disclosed data could easily get into the Apple ID accounts belging to these teens – which could allow them to access the teens' persal data or even hijack and buy back their devices.

the server did not include locati or ctent data such as photos or messages.

Robert Wiggins a British researcher specializing in information security, discovered the leaky server. Wiggins actually discovered two unprotected TeenSafe servers, although the latter appeared to ctain ly test data. ZDNet alerted the applicati developers, who took acti by putting the servers offline. TeenSafe …

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