The redesigned Apple iPhone A12 processor will be faster, more efficient

The official processor details for the 2018 iPhone are in a few mths, but we can already be certain that the Apple A12 will be at least 20% faster than the current chip, while csuming 40% less energy.

the minimal improvement in performance to expect. The next Apple devices will certainly be even faster.

The details about the basic iPhone enhancements come from TSMC, the company that manufactures all the processors designed by Apple.

TSMC's breakthrough this year is a 7nm chip. from 10nm. This is a measure of the distance between the processor compents. TSMC promises significant improvements: "Compared to its 10nm FinFET process, TSMC's FinFET 7nm has a logical density of 1.6X, a speed improvement of ~ 20%, and ~ 40% Power reducti in%."

Collapse and Grow Simultaneously

Apple typically remains at the forefrt of processor design, making cstant improvements.

In 2014, its A8 chip used a 20nm design, while the A9 tracking was 14nm or 16nm, depending whether it was produced by Samsung or TSMC. The Fusi A10 was 16nm.

The current Apple A11 Biic processor from the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X uses TSMC's FinFET 10nm technology

Given this progressi, it seems safe that the next mobile chip will be available. Apple will use the FinFET 7nm process, as TSMC is ready for use.

Just the beginning for Apple A12

The 20% performance improvement comes entirely from the move to a 7nm design. This is what would result if last year's A11 Biic chip was produced with the smallest gap between the compents.

But, of course, this is not what Apple will do. It will bring further improvements to its 2018 design, which will result in additial performance increases.

Full details this processor – almost certainly called the A12 – will probably not be available until the next generati of iPhone models are …

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