The original designer, Susan Kare, takes a stand in the Apple v. Samsung

Two Apple experts have taken positi in the ctext of the patent lawsuit Apple v. Samsung recently questied Wednesday, lawyers each side ctesting how Samsung should pay for violating three Apple design patents.

  iPhone Patent

Iillustrati of the patent & # 39; 087 of Apple.

Samsung being cvicted of infringing Apple's intellectual property nearly six years ago, the current lawsuit is about how the damages should be awarded. Apple is again looking for more than $ 1 billi for its work – and bold gamble – the iPhone. [Traduit de l'anglais.] Speaking of product in court Tuesday, Vice President of Product Marketing, Greg Joswiak, said that Apple "bet the company" by launching iPhone. As such, the company has filed and received a large number of patents protecting everything from communicati techniques to the industrial design of the smartphe.

For example, when the late co-founder of the company, Steve Jobs, showed multitouch technology the original iPhone in 2007, he said, "And we did it patent."

It is the power of these patents that is now trial.

In a series of questis Wednesday, Apple's expert experts Adam Ball and Susan Kare argued the merits of Apple's patents, reports CNET . Most importantly, the pair took the side of Apple's lawyers by looking at three design patents granted as applicable to the iPhone's "manufacturing items".

In the United States, damages in patent lawsuits are based the "article of manufacture," which preceded Apple v. Samsung for calculatis sales of whole devices. However, with …

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