The new PUBG Mobile modes make the battlefield easier for you

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds point is to throw you into a battle and see if you survive. But this can be a little intimidating for those who have never played before, so Tencent has just added two modes of practice to the mobile versi. e of them involves playing in a smaller area, and can become e's own challenge with the right settings.

Unfortunately, the iOS versi does not have these new modes yet, but an upgrade is planned so.

In the normal mode of PUBG Mobile up to 100 players parachute a sprawling map. There, you collect all the weaps and gear that you can lay your hand, while struggling to be the last alive.

Training Grounds mode added in versi 0.4.0 is a practice ze, without a fight. This is an opportunity for you to learn how to shoot, move and drive vehicles.

PUBG Mobile Arcade Mode

The other new opti, Arcade Mode, reduces the number of players to 28, so waiting in the Lobby for enough people to fight is shorter. And the battlefield is smaller.

Tencent promises that Arcade Mode allows you to pre-select from six weap optis: shotguns, sniper rifles, all weaps, melee, pistols, and objects paradise. It's part of the training. Knowing that you ly have to worry about short-range attacks, this simplifies the gameplay for neophytes.

Players can go solo, but this new mode adds a new opti, according to Pocket-lint. In the Lobby, you can designate somee to follow. A team is created if several people choose the same pers. The leader of this group ctrols the landing process so that everye arrives together. ce the ground, they can protect their backs from each other.

An interesting ride from Arcade mode is that it does not have to be just to train. Choosing the "item heaven" opti gives players more weaps and more power than the standard mode. Combine that with a smaller battlefield and the acti becomes really intense.

Coming so

The update also includes a new twilight setting, which makes it even more …

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