The latest working Apple I computer sells for $ 375k in additi to articles signed by Steve Jobs

The latest original Apple 1 computer – e of the 200 original models built and marketed by the two Steves – has been sold at the aucti for $ 375k, after estimates of $ 300-600k before the aucti …


Bost-based RR Aucti said it was a clean model, unlike those that have been modified or repaired with n-original compents.

This computer was repaired in June 2018 by Apple-1 expert Corey Cohen in its original operating state. The most remarkable thing about this Apple-1 computer is that it is documented to be fully operatial. Unlike many of the well-known Apple-1 cards, this device has not underge any modificati the physical board and the prototype area is clean and unused […]

"We are very pleased with the price we have achieved and that's why we thought it would be appropriate for the Apple 1 to headline our annual Rare and Noteworthy aucti – it's a piece of museum quality that has earned a special place in hello," said Bobby Livingst, Executive VP at RR Aucti.

Two other pieces of Apple memorabilia are sold in the same aucti. A Macintosh Plus signed by Steve Jobs and nine team members who sold for $ 28,750. An Apple annual report that was also signed by Steve went for $ 23,750.

If your bags are not that deep, you can buy replicas or even make your own replicas.

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