The latest Trader Joe product with a following cult is not a food item

T These days, it may seem like there is a podcast for virtually every topic imaginable. As proof, now, even Trader Joe's has a podcast.

And like most things that the cult-cult grocery store does, the podcast – christened Inside Trader Joe's – is very popular. It was launched this week, and since its unveiling, it oscillates between third and fifth place the Top Charts of the Apple Podcast app.

The show is hosted by Tara Miller, Trader Joe's Marketing Director and Vice President of Marketing. Product, Matt Sloan. And while the icic grocery chain does not broadcast its own commercials, Sloan has promised listeners that Inside Trader Joe's is not a tricky "advertisement" for # 39; company.

Trader Joe's, who has garnered reputati for his cheap but high quality food, is undoubtedly very popular. If you are a fan yourself, you may have wanted to take a look behind the curtains of the chain.

If it sounds like you, you should listen to Joe's Inside Trader – the podcast reveals a bunch of never

Here are some fun facts that the podcast has revealed about the grocery chain.

  • Trader Joe's keep his cost so low because about 80% of his products are "private". label "- in other words, a brand in store.
  • Rather than throwing away food scraps, Trader Joe is actively giving approximately 70 milli pounds of uneaten food to charities and groups that fight against the …

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