The latest entry in Apple's machine learning journal focuses the trigger phrase "Hey Siri"

The latest entry of Apple in its line journal Machine Learning focuses the persalizati process that users participate in when they activate the "Hey Siri" features iOS devices. all Apple products, "Hey Siri" invokes the company's AI assistant, and may be followed by questis like "How is the weather?" or "Message Papa, I'm my way."

"Hey Siri" was introduced in iOS 8 the iPhone 6, and at that time it could ly be used when the iPhone was in charge. Subsequently, the trigger phrase could be used at any time thanks to a low power processor and still active that allowed the iPhone and the iPad to ctinually listen to 'Hey Siri ".

In the new Machine Learning Journal article, Apple's Siri team breaks down its technical approach to the development of a "speaker recogniti system". The team created deep neural networks and "paved the way for improvements" in future Siri iteratis, all motivated by the goal of creating "device customizati" for the users.

The Apple Team …

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