The keyboard silice MacBook Pro makes it easier but does not solve the problems of entry of dust

The additi of the silice membrane the MacBook Pro 2018 butterfly keyboard may not be very effective in preventing debris from entering the mechanism, as tests show that particles can bypass the protecti and cause typing problems.

  Source: iFixit

Source: iFixit

Part of an examinati of the MacBook Pro 2018, iFixit tested the theory that the membrane is intended to protect the key mechanism, by applying a variety of particles to the keyboard and finding its breaking point.

The initial test using a fine powder paint additive revealed that the membrane was pushing the dust around the edges, keeping the mechanism clear. By adding more dust and tapping aggressively, the dust is eventually allowed to slide between the membrane and the key fob covering the hole where the key staples pass through the silice layer.

  Source: iFixit

Source: iFixit

After finding that the system does not completely protect the mechanism, the team switched to the use of sand, which ultimately prevented the key to operate.

Wednesday, it was discovered that some internal and service documents for the 2018 MacBook Pro claimed that the membrane was included to "prevent debris from entering the throttle mechanism". Other documents for US staff and service providers do not make the same statement, while the marketing copy simply mentied that the new keyboard is quieter, saying nothing about it improving reliability.

After removing enough hardware to access the keyboard, the team had to remove the 64 keys from its …

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