The heat of summer can damage your iPhone – here's how to protect it

S ummer comes to the northern hemisphere. And while it means barbecues, beach days, and time outdoors for many, this could also mean permanently damaged iPhones.

Most of us probably know that heat is not good for computer systems. Most larger computers have a fan to try to mitigate some of the effects of overheating, but not the iPhones.

And while Apple handsets are designed to protect themselves and warn users of dangerous temperature changes, problems may still occur.

Here's everything you need to know to protect your iPhone from the heat.

X iPhone Problems Caused by Heat

In most cases, iPhones can usually recover from overheating without permanent problems. When an iPhone gets too hot, it automatically goes into "cooling" mode and gives the user a temperature warning. But extreme temperatures or prolged exposure to heat can have lasting effects your Apple handset – so it is prudent to be careful.

Apple itself notes that low or high temperature cditis could change its behavior. the ambient temperature for the use of iOS device is between 0 and 35º C (32º and 95º F). Of course, it can become much hotter than this top range in many parts of the world, or in cfined spaces like the interior of a vehicle.

In the lg run, this could result in damaged batteries. Apple says …

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