The force is the missing activity ring. Here's how you can close it.

The activity rings of your Apple Watch do not provide a complete picture of your physical cditi. There is e important ring missing: Force. The Rock did not get torn just by getting up ce an hour. And the two rings of exercise and movement basically measure the same thing: cardio.

As any fitness specialist will tell you, an effective workout program should combine cardio with strength training. Here's why the strength is currently the weakness of Apple Watch, and how you can use third-party apps to make sure it's not yours.

Why does the Activity applicati not follow the strength training?

Imagine yourself a hundred yards from the supermarket to your car in the parking lot. Now, imagine that same walk, but this time you're pushing a heavy basket. It's a lot more work, right? In both cases you have moved the same distance, but it is more tiring because the weight of the truck creates a resistance against which you have to work.

But for your Apple Watch, both walks look pretty much the same. The problem is that it is physically impossible for a notebook to detect resistance as you push or pull with your hands. And that is what is strength training.

Apple uses two things to calculate your activity rings: movement and heart rate. Whether you push the cart or not, your movement is the same. Your heart rate will be a little high because of the extra work of pushing the cart, but this measurement does not reveal the whole picture.

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