The FBI "overestimated" the number of devices it could not access due to encrypti

A new report from The Washingt Post indicates that the FBI ctinuously inflated the number of devices that it could not unlock due to an additial encrypti in strger. While the office has repeatedly stated that it has not been able to access nearly 7,800 devices, it is said that the actual number is much lower …

Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip [19659003AsthereportexplainsChristopherAWraydirectoroftheFBI7800peoplehavebeenseveraltimesoverthelastsevenmthsLastmthhowevertheFBIrealizedthattheactualnumberwasmuchless-between1000and2000[19659004] The FBI would still not have a precise count, but an internal estimate would have established the number of phes locked at 1,200 L & # 39; agency says she will now proceed with an internal audit to find the correct total.

According to an FBI statement, the miscalculati was due to the use of three different databases that counted the same phes several times

The initial assessment is that the Programming errors have resulted in significant over-counting of reported mobile devices, "the FBI said in a statement Tuesday.The office said the problem stemmed from the use of three separate databases that led to a Repeated counting of phes: April 2016 methodology failed to detect flaw, according to people familiar with the job

The FBI used the number 7 800 to call companies like Apple to create access said "backdoor" to the devices.The agency today, however, ctinued …

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