The EU may force Apple for the iPhone battery replacement easier

A future versi of the iPhone or iPad can have a removable battery compartment, a leaked proposal from the European Uni may, at the request, which could force Apple to a major overhaul of the high-selling smartphe, if it is approved.

The modern-day iPhone, and other smartphes premium, give csumers a slim cstructi and an elegant design, as well as the seal, all because of the way the internal compents are carefully assembled in the chassis. While the trend has led to the more difficult to correct the views of those where the back cover can be easily removed, it seems that the EU may be preparing for a return to such ideas of design.

In the proposals leak for paywalled Dutch decisi-Het Financieele Dagblad, the EU reportedly wants to make it easier to change the battery more easily replaceable in smartphes. By making it easier to replace the battery, this is supposed to make smartphes more durable, allowing them to have a lger shelf life and generating less e-waste.

According to the proposals of play, the obligati to have a more easily replaceable battery could be a call to make it easier to repair a smartphe to put in a replacement for a dying battery. In its most extreme form, it could take the form of making it accessible to the user, which would require a major reworking of a modern design of every smartphe manufacturer.

The proposals are said to be presented by the vice-president of the European Commissi’s “Green Deal” Frans Timmermans, in mid-March. The proposals are still under development, and are also likely to include other sustainability-related measures, including modificatis to products, recycling of by-laws.

While ly a leaked proposal from questiable sources at that time, such a request may take many years before it becomes a law, due to the relative slowness of the nature of the scale of the ctinent, the rule of decisi. These rules ly apply within the European Uni, leaving open the possibility of an EU-specific the design of the phe and the other for the rest of the world, even if the additial expense could see the pushback from suppliers of materials.

The European Uni has aly a series of regulatory changes the cards which may affect the future the use of smartphes. The European Commissi voted in January to establish a loading standard for the devices, a move that may force Apple to aband Lightning for a different type of cnecti, however, neither the calendar nor the plan has been established for the measure.

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