The dark side of & # 39; Plane Bae & # 39; and turn outsiders into social media ctent

At first, it seemed like a lovely respite from Twitter's perpetual processi of horrors: a cute, adroitly told story of love that blossomed a transctinental flight. It all started here.

Actress Rosey Blair and her boyfriend wove an adorable story about what they saw as a fledgling love story between two, and Twitter was delighted. I scrolled through the tweets with a smile, letting me take in what looked like a drama made for TV. Then I realized that it was precisely how I treated these people very real. My stomach turned around as I thought about how I would feel if every movement of my arm, half of my cversati and even my use of the bathroom were all told, without my knowledge, to an audience of hundreds of thousands of people. people line.

The charm of history cceals the invasi of privacy at its heart: the way technology erodes our persal boundaries and cstrains us deleteriously. For some, the story of this flight to Dallas already has a happy ending. The mysterious man was revealed Twitter as former football player Euan Holden and gave Blair permissi to share his Instagram and reveal his name. He took a liking to his …

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