The Businessmen Computer Business Closes, NeXT Strikes

  May 14: Today in the history of Apple: Businessland closes, hits NeXt harshly May 14, 1992: NeXT company Steve Jobs is having trouble as it loses crucial deal with Businessland after computer giant closes

This comes at a time when NeXT's luck is getting worse. It's e of the lowest points in Jobs' career – before everything starts turning again.

Businessland was ce the largest computer retailer in America, aimed at the business market. Founded in 1982, in the late 1980s, it has expanded to more than 100 natially dedicated outlets. In 1988, his sales passed $ 1 billi a year

The Disastrous Businessland-NeXT Affair

In 1989, Businessland signed an agreement with NeXT. With the company's expensive computers not selling to the educati market as planned, Jobs thought that they could do better in businesses. The agreement gave Businessland the rights to sell 100,000 NeXT computers over the next three years. Each of these machines would cost $ 9,995

When the agreement was reached, the founder of Businessland, David Norman, predicts that sales of the NeXT computer will so exceed sales of Compaq computers. the day the agreement between NeXT and Businessland was reached, Jobs invited senior executives from Businessland to his home for dinner. Tinking glasses with Norman, Jobs growled: "Let's kick some people."

But that did not happen. Although impressive, NeXT computers have proven simply too expensive. By the end of the decade, Businessland had sold ly 360 units. Even worse, Businessland spent …

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