The brutal educati of Brett Kavanaugh, Supreme Court candidate, in net neutrality – TechCrunch

DC Circuit Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh was appointed for the positi of Supreme Court Judge, and this occasi I think we need to review in detail the intellectual abuse that this man suffered from from his colleagues. last year the theme of the internet and net neutrality. Because Kavanaugh was very, very bad then and gives all indicatis that he will carry his ignorance without complaining to the highest court of the country.

To stage: In 2015, the United States Telecom Associati sued the FCC, alleging the Internet opened an order passed earlier that year, establishing net neutrality as we know – or rather, know it – was illegal.

This highly anticipated case was heard in 2015 and the decisi was rendered six mths later, in June 2016. DC Circuit Judges Srinivasan, Tatel and Williams spoke out against telecoms, essentially csidering that the FCC was fully competent to establish rules of net neutrality and that the written rule was legal

. the USTA has requested that the case be repeated " the bench", ie with all active circuit judges present. This petiti was rejected, mainly because the open Internet order was in jeopardy of replacement, and further deliberatis would probably not be rendered moot.

But two judges had dissenting opinis, and the court issued them algside the denial – though unfortunately …

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