The blue light of smartphes can increase the risk of certain cancers

E xposure to artificial blue light – as emitted by smartphes and LED street lights – can have all kinds of unpleasant side effects , according to a new study from

Researchers have found that people exposed to "high levels" of blue light at night may be linked to a higher risk of certain types of cancers. The study found that the risk of developing breast cancer was multiplied by 1.5 and that the risk of developing prostate cancer was doubled

. Researchers used the Internatial Space Stati's imaging technology to measure exposure to outdoor artificial light, as well as self-reported questinaires to measure exposure to indoor artificial light.

Alejandro Sánchez de Miguel, lead author of the study, told CNN that he was the first to "put an experimental value the correlati between blue light in the general populati and the risk of breast cancer. Prostate cancer. "

And it is mostly blue light that can cause damage." The study also discovered that other types of light in the visible spectrum – such as red or green light – do not Had no positive correlati with the development of cancer.

Exposure to blue light is known to have negative effects the release of melatin, an important horme that regulates the natural sleep cycles of the body. body and is also known to act as an antioxidant.

According to Sánchez de Miguel, the health levels of melatin in the brain can inhibit the growth of certain types of horme-sensitive cancers.

Blue light is comm in many varieties of outdoor LEDs whose color temperature is above 3,000 Kelvin.It is also produced by the display of smartphes, tablets and other devices – although the author s of the study noted that they did not measure the effects of blue light produced by technological devices

. that produce high levels of blue light with lamps that have a warmer color temperature.

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