The big camouflage of the Apple MacBook Pro 2018 keyboard

  MacBook Pro Keyboard Membrane 2018

A few days ago, Apple launched the latest additis to its MacBook Pro line, and the company talked about the fact that the keyboard is quieter. Disassembling the latest devices reveals not ly why the keyboards are quieter, but also that the method used seems to serve a secdary purpose – or perhaps that tranquilizati itself is a secdary goal.

The keyboards of previous MacBook Pros have suffered problems that led to the establishment of a free repair program. The latest disassembly of laptops by iFixit shows that Apple has added a silice membrane under each key, apparently serving the dual purpose of calming the keystroke and offering protecti, dust and other unwanted ctaminants.

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While Apple has not shouted about updated keyboard dust resistance, the silice membrane discovered by iFixit looks remarkably like a patent for Apple for a method to "prevent and / or mitigate the entry of ctaminants". While a more reliable keyboard is undeniably an excellent selling point, it makes sense that Apple is not screaming it yet.

As iFixit points out:

Apple is in the midst of several lawsuit lawsuits failure of their keyboards, so of course they can not just go out and say, "Hey, we l '# 39; have repaired! " That said was a problem to begin with.

There's a debate about whether Apple is completely open to the new keyboard design. While the …

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