Tariff tariffs make Apple's gear more expensive

The latest list of tariffs products manufactured in China adversely affects some of Apple's most popular products.

In a letter sent to the U.S. trade delegati, Apple watch, AirPod, Apple Pencil will be caught up in a violent clash of trumps with China in trade expansi, Apple says. And ordinary csumers will lose the most.

The new HomePod and Mac mini will bear the burden of tariffs in additi to the adapter and charger of many products. If tariff is , csumers will see price increases.

It is difficult to see how tariffs that hurt US companies and csumers in the US will advance the Government's goals with regard to China's technology policy, "Apple said in a letter. "We are hoping to recsider these measures to find other more effective solutis that make the US ecomy and US csumers more healthy and healthier than ever.

Trump game of cards

Apple CEO Tim Cook did not express ccerns about tariffs at its third quarter earnings briefing. Investors were told that the company is still evaluating the list of items to be subject to tariffs. Now I got a better idea of ​​what the company is starting to sound an alarm will be affected by.

Mr. Tim pointed out to investors last mth that "the prospects for tariffs are taxed csumers and result in lowering ecomic growth." According to Mr. Cook, tariff tightening caused "unintended csequences" and urged cooler head to win. "There is an essential reciprocity to bring together the United States and China," Cook said.

Public notice and comment period of US trade delegati



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