Stop “Verificati Required” When Installing Free Apps iPhone or iPad

To put it plainly, there is nothing unusual to say by saying "Required Verificati – Before you make any purchases, you must press Ctinue to verify your payment information. " or "Required Verificati Press Ctinue and Apple: to view billing information." Repeatedly iPhone or iPad. The error message usually occurs when you try to install or update free apps the App Store and this prevents you from completing your task. Having myself encountered the popup a few times, I can say that it can easily scare you and take you to the top of anguish. So, how to solve this problem?

Before you start guessing, let me tell you that this is basically the result of the payment method used the Apple ID linked to the device. The "Check Required" billing message appears, if you have an outstanding balance the account, the payment method has failed or has not been updated correctly. It also appears if your iOS device has never been used to make a purchase in the App Store. More after the break:

 Apple App Store ctinues to apply for credit card

How to repair the message "Requisite Check" in iOS 11

To get rid of the problem, you need to change the mode of payment . You can opt for a valid payment method or choose "ne" to not associate payment details with an Apple ID and App Store.

You may not be able to select Ne, if a payment is due or if the Family Share opti is enabled your device. (Open the Settings app your iOS device → Name → Family Sharing → tap [your name] → tap Leave Family.) …

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