Steve Jobs, prepare to welcome Apple

September 2, 1985: According to reports, Steve Jobs is trying to establish itself to compete with Apple. There are rumors after Jobs sold shares held by Apple for $ 21.43 milli.

Today's "Apple History of the Day" reminds us that the 1985 high-tech rumor factory was alive, to those who think speculati about Apple's future is an inventi of a blog era.

Leave Steve Jobs

JobsApple acknowledged Jobs had sold his AAPL stock.
Photo: InfoWorld

The speculati that Mr. Jobs will leave Apple was after deprivati of his duties as a general manager of the Macintosh divisi.

This move took place as part of CEO John Sculley's company-wide organizatial restructuring in the summer. The first Mac was released just after a year and a half, but in general it was a good evaluati, but sales were disappointing.

Everye, even in 1985, was expecting that Jobs, who was generally well-known thanks to sustained PR tactics, would stay quietly. However, there were relatively few people who expected the 30-year-old Apple co-founder to leave the company completely. The rumor was reported early in September and it became clear that in 2 mths Jobs sold 19.7% of Apple's shares.

In July, we sold 850,000 shares for $ 14 milli. August 22, he sold a further 500 thousand shares at 7.43 milli dollars. As a trade publicati InfoWorld "We are speculating that in the industry Jobs will start a venture so and invite the current Apple employees to join him in the industry," he said.

Enter NeXT

Jobs, who had not been informed by the press at the time, held a very important meeting with Nobel Laureate Paul Berg (early September stanford biochemist who will be 60 years old).



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