Some iPhe XS iPhe XS Max pre-orders may be delayed until Mday, UPS indicates

While many leading customers around the world are starting to receive their iPhe XS and iPhe XS Max orders, some customers in the United States seem to be facing delivery delays. The problem, which is delaying delivery for many iPhe XS pre-order customers until Mday, September 24, seems to be the fault of an agreement between Apple and UPS …

Many customers of iPhe XS take a Twitter message tight to complain that their order has been dropped from Friday 21 September to Mday 24 September. Interestingly, the Apple website still indicates that the deliveries are schedule for Friday in these situatis.

a Twitter user able to ctact UPS support, who explained that her shipment was delayed because the "sender exceeds the maximum volume they have ctracted."

We have a ctractual agreement with a number of shippers, which limits the number of packages that can be transferred to UPS a given day. If this number is exceeded, as in this case, the packages may be delayed. We must first complete the packages we received the previous days before we can export the packages that were recently shipped.

This answer must be taken with a grain of salt at the moment, as the representatives of UPS and Apple have both been silent about the situati. Furthermore, it seems strange that this year would be of all years when Apple would reach its "maximum volume" of shipments, because there have certainly been larger iPhe launches.

It is quite possible that this is a kind of mistake and will so be resolved. In the meantime, however, the problem seems to affect quite a few iPhe XS customers. Persally, my iPhe XS Max shows a delivery Friday via the Apple website, but UPS shows a delay until Mday, September 24th.

And you? Do you suffer from this delay? Let us know in the comments! Some tweets below:

Even better!

– tyler (@fleetjuice) September 21, 2018

Excuse yourself??

– Mike Beasley (@MikeBeas) September 21, 2018

@UPS @AppleSupport Why does my iPhe order say that it is now shipped Mday? Is it a day of launch (21) for a week? Now there is the 24th?

– Andy Davenport (@ BubbaBro97) September 21, 2018

@ 9to5mac my UPS shipment has just been updated.
The delivery date has been changed to 24 SeptemberiPheXs

– mansour alamri (@ man_sour1) September 21, 2018

@AppleSupport So disappointed. I was looking forward to my new Iphe XS tomorrow, but it will not be until Mday. Did it really have to come from China, go back and come back? And why Louisville from Anchorage when I was in BC? Not happy at all ? iPheXS

– Cindy Swoveland (@CPSwoveland) September 21, 2018

iPhe has just been pushed back to arrive Mday. ?

– Brian Minor (@brianminor) September 21, 2018

My iPhe has been delivered tomorrow until now delivered Mday. Via UPS. Does anye else have this problem? iPheXSMax @AppleSupport

– Christine (@criscosays) September 21, 2018

@UPSHelp my iPhe had to arrive tomorrow at the end of the day. My wife is still that. Mine is Anchorage, AK left 4 hours earlier than hers and is now delayed until Mday? What gives?

– Collin Elliott (@collin_elliott) September 21, 2018

Hi there @UPS and @UPSHelp! Why is mine iPhe shipping suddenly delayed until Mday, and why have all of my packages been delayed lately? I live in your hometown and I'm tired of dropping that damn ball. Please make me happy.

– John C. Bennett (@bohnjennett) September 21, 2018

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