Snapchat Deploys First TrueDepth AR Targets for iPhone X Users

Snapchat today began implementing Apple's TrueDepth camera technology in its Selfie Lenses feature for the first time. The silent update means that iPhone X owners who use Snapchat will see augmented reality masks appear in the app that use Apple's advanced facial mapping technology to overlay the mask the face of the user and follow the movement more precisely.

Apple first demstrated AR Snapchat lenses during its iPhone X event last year, as part of the unveiling of its TrueDepth technology. The Apple Animojis work with the TrueDepth camera. Face ID also uses its structured light technique to project a 30,000 laser dot pattern to a user's face and measure the distorti to generate a precise 3D image for authenticati.

Apple claims that face ID math image data is encrypted during generati and never leaves the smartphe's secure Enclave. Third-party applicati developers are however able to access TrueDepth video cards separately, including a live …

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