Siri called for medical assistance after a serious motorcycle accident

Siri 17 years old used to make an emergency call after a motorcycle accident.

  An Apple Siri Presentati

After many reports in recent mths of lives saved around the world because of the Apple Watch noting the serious medical cditis of users, it now seems another piece of Apple technology has become cvenient for somee in a bad place.

According to an article published this week in the Sydney Morning Herald a 17-year-old from New South Wales, Australia, used Siri his iPhone to seek medical help following a serious motorcycle accident. Darcy McKay, May 17, crashed a bush track, suffering multiple fractures to her vertebrae, a broken tail, a fractured pelvis and even a spine. bleeding from the pancreas. After the accident, unable to move, McKay asked Siri his iPhone to call the triple zero – the Australian equivalent of 911 – and emergency services arrived 20 minutes later later.

"I'm so happy that I thought about using [Siri] otherwise I would have been drunk," McKay told the newspaper. He encouraged others to make sure the activist Siri their phes.

"If a situati like this happens, you need Siri, then people should really install it their phe otherwise you can not use it," he said at Herald . The report comes at a time when the value and utility of Siri have been questied, particularly with regard to Alexa Alexa and other competitors. A March Coin the Technology Web Site The News detailed years of infighting and other dysfuncti in the Apple Siri …

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