Should Apple name each of the 2018 iPhone models? [Poll]

We will not be a mth from Apple 's big announcement of the new iPhone model in 2018. I know a lot about this year's new device, but there is an important mystery about what naming structure Apple will adopt this year.

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As emphasized so far, Apple backed itself by calling the 2017 flagship device iPhone X and simultaneously introducing iPhone 8 and iPhone 8. As for many what Apple could do this year I talked about the things so far.

Earlier this year, my colleague Ben Lovejoy proposed an iPhone lineup like the mix of existing iPhone line and iPad line.

  • iPhone mini (for SE 2)
  • iPhone (for LCD model)
  • iPhone Pro (for successor to X)
  • iPhone Plus (successor model of X)

Since then, the fate of iPhone SE 2 has become increasingly uncertain, but Ben's proposal makes sense from the perspective of csistency with Apple's other product lines. However, there are many possibilities for naming the iPhone this year.

Apple is planning to release three new iPhones next mth with a repetitive update of the current iPhone X, iPhone X's larger "Plus" model, 6.1 inch LCD model with iPhone X design.

With the iterative update of iPhone X, things are unknown in particular. iPhone XS makes no sense because it means "too small" to many people. iPhone XX also has to say, at least, walking a very interesting path.

the other hand, the naming of the large screen Plus model may be determined by the nomenclature of the 5.8 inch model. For the 6.1 inch LCD model, e of the most comm proposals so far was "iPhone 9". This makes sense because it is technically upgraded …



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