Samsung's new RAM chip will make future iPhones even faster

Samsung has developed a type of RAM 1.5 times faster than what is included in smartphes today. And, even if Apple and Samsung are rivals, it is highly likely that it will be in the iPhone someday.

The new 8 Gb LPDDR5 DRAM boasts a throughput of up to 6400 Mbit / s. It's fast enough to send 51.2 GB, or about 14 full HD video files, in e secd.

"This development of LPDDR5 8Gb represents a major breakthrough for low-power mobile memory solutis," said Jinman Han, vice president of memory and applicati memory at Samsung Electrics, in a statement

New Samsung RAM saves energy

By doubling the number of "banks" of memory – subdivisis in a DRAM cell – from 8 to 16, Samsung promises that its new memory uses less power, even if Is much faster.

LPDDR5 offers a range of energy saving methods, including a "deep sleep mode", which reduces power csumpti to about half of the inactive mode. the current LPDDR4X DRAM. This is so that can use up to 30% less energy.

The LPDDR5 is the industry's first 10-nanometer class DRAM, although the company's lawyers take care to note that "10nm-class" node between 10 and 20 nanometers. Decreasing the distance between compents a chip saves energy, while speeding up performance.

the iPhone 5G

Samsung says that this RAM is intended for "upcoming mobile applicatis with artificial intelligence 5G and AI". in any other way, the company sees its use in …

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