Samsung Mocks iPhone camera, lack of headphe jack, and more in the latest Galaxy S9 ads

Samsung has developed its "Ingenius" advertising campaign with three new videos called Dgle, Fast Charger and Camera.

In each of the videos, Samsung represents an employee of the Apple Store having a cversati with a customer, trying to justify the iPhone compared to the Galaxy S9, with respect to the camera, dgles, and more.

In the first advertisement, a customer asks if he can use his wired headphes with the iPhone X, and the Genius informs him that he will need a dgle . The client then inquires about the charge at the same time, and the Genius says that he will need another dgle. The customer then says, "So, a double dgle."

For what it's worth, rumors suggest that Apple will include a faster 18W charger in the box with its upcoming 2018 iPhones.

In the secd ad, which has the same format, a customer asks if The iPhone X comes with a fast charger, as does the Galaxy S9. The employee says no, informing her that she can buy a Lightning cable to USB-C, as well as a USB-C power adapter, for fast charging. The customer has a puzzled reacti.

The third announcement points out that the Galaxy S9 +'s camera has a higher DxOMark score than the iPhone X-99 compared to 97 respectively – although DxOMark has drawn some criticism, and the quality of the camera can be subjective.

Samsung shared the first announcement of this series earlier this week, highlighting the Galaxy S9's faster LTE download speeds compared to the iPhone X, based February's Speedtest Intelligence Data of Ookla to April 2018.

The ads are not even. ..

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