Rumor : Face ID ly works in vertical mode the new iPads

A report released Friday said the 2018 iPad Pro models made three statements about the new slim-bezel models that we expect to see. First of all, he said, Apple will drop the headphe jack. Secdly, it will move the Smart Cnector a short rather than a lg edge. Third, this face ID will ly work when the iPad is in the upright orientati.

I have absolutely no difficulty believing the first of these claims, but the other two have no meaning to me …

Apple has already nailed its colors to the mast where the headphe jack is ccerned. The point of view of Apple is that we should all use wireless headphes, with those Lightning – or adapters – for those who want to ctinue using wired audio.

There is a major difference between iPhones and iPads where audio is ccerned, of course. The iPad is quite commly used by audio professials, especially DJs, who need an audio cable. But as they tend to need higher storage levels, and that they are currently likely to pay $ 999 and up for the iPad, it does not seem likely that a few dollars for a lightning adapter to 3.5mm will prove to be a buy barrier.

But Smart Cnector and Face ID cfigured for use in portrait mode? No, it does not make sense at all.

No sense because people do not type in the vertical orientati. This would make Apple’s Smart Keyboard incompatible with Logitech and Zagg keyboards. Any new keyboard designed for vertical use should either exceed e or the other side of the iPad or be too narrow to allow comfortable typing.

But also no sense because Split View is clearly designed for use in landscape mode. And Apple has put a huge marketing effort into promoting the iPad Pro as a replacement for a PC for many people, with Split View a key part of this sale. It’s even a little surprising to me that Apple has the vertically oriented back logo, and that it ctinues to use this guide for its basic product plans.

Aside from the stupid iPhone apps ly (I’m watching you, Meetup) and viewing the portrait photos, I do not remember the last time I used my iPad Pro 10.5-inch mode vertical – and I can not believe that no matter who does it using the 12.9-inch model for something other than photos and magazines / PDFs.

No, the default use of most iPads is in a horiztal orientati, and the whole point of Face ID is that it is transparent, so there is simply no way for Apple to force us to turn them vertically to unlock. Face ID will work in both orientatis, or – if it is limited to e or the other – it will work in landscape mode.


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