Review: V-Moda Crossfire 2 Codex Headphes, Robust Audio Quality with Unlimited Customizati

I like that my headphe design is similar to my audio quality: neutral. However, if you prefer visually somewhat interesting things, you often have to choose between audio quality and looks. This is a problem V-Moda is trying to solve with Crossfire 2 Wireless Codex Editi headphes …

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Sound quality improves shortly. It is a brand that DJ likes and uses now, but tuning is not so definitely To my taste, they provide solid performance.

But we start with a unique selling point for this particular model, customizati.

When ordering your headphes, you are asked to make lots of decisis about their facial expressis …


V – Moda can choose 4 different materials for side panels and arms:

  • "Precious metal" printed in 3D (a little more about this)
  • 3D printing steel
  • 3D Print Fiber
  • Laser Engraved Aluminum

There is color choice amg each. The widest choice is in the aluminum which can finish over 22 colors.

In the "precious metal" category, you can choose either brass, brze, 14K gold (plated or solid), 14K rose gold (same as above), 14K white gold, silver, rhodium or platinum.

You can customize the selected screws!

Price, of course, will depend your choice. A pair of plain 3D print fibers is $ 350. However, choosing precious metals will be expensive from $ 750 for brass and brze, $ 1000 for gold and $ 27,000 for platinum.


Amg these materials are various persalizati optis such as a simple initial, a range of V-Moda design, "Upload my design" opti.

Some optis are extra …



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