Review: MeWe is a private social network taking Facebook

Launched in 2016, MeWe is a private social network that wants to launch Facebook and Twitter. There are no targeted or n-targeted ads and no user tracking, such as data mining.

[ The Father of the Web Supports a Private Social Network ]

MeWe: The Private Social Network

When I joined MeWe for the first time, I had started looking for groups to join. I found an Apple and a metal band. Each group has a group discussi, and depending the number of members, you can quickly overwhelm yourself with notificatis. There is no way to leave every discussi, even if you can disable notificatis and hide the group.

When I looked into the metal newsgroup, the first thing I saw was a guy who was asking for photos. I mean, I know that the Internet is the Wild West, but go brother. If your children join MeWe, just be aware that the group cat is an unmoderated cat with strangers.

MeWe's features are standard for a social network. You can share posts, GIFs, images, etc. your home flow. However, by default, ly ctacts in your ctacts see what you post.

Anye can create a group and choose three optis: Private (invitati ly), Selective (approval of the owner or administrator required to join), and Open (anye can join) . You can choose to include the group in the MeWe group directory or not. If you change your mind later, you can change the settings of the group

  Screenshots of MeWe groups, a private social network

Find and create groups

When it comes to discussing , it's pretty much the same as other cat apps. You can make a video call, a voice call, send regular cversatis and secret cversatis. Secret cats are encrypted end-to-end, and even if it's a built-in subscripti to the app, you can try it for free for 30 days.

This is how MeWe plans to stay in business. Since it does not sell access to its users to advertisers, there is a MeWe store with emojis and the secret chat feature. Probably more ctent will be added over time. Getting a Secret Chat is a subscripti that costs US $ 0.99 per mth, or US $ 5.99 per year. Other than …

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