Review: Lifx Beam is a fun way to add HomeKit accent lighting to your walls

The adopti of HomeKit has grown rapidly in recent years, with lights of all shapes and sizes adopting the platform for intelligent ctrol. In 2016, we took a look at the popular Nanoleaf Aurora Illuminated Signs, and now Lifx is looking to penetrate the HomeKit accent lighting market with its new Beam Accessory … [19659002] Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

The Lifx Beam kit csists of 6 individual beams, as well as a corner piece. Each beam measures about a foot lg, so a kit will have about six feet of lighting. Lifx notes that you can combine up to eight beams and two corner pieces per power supply, although you currently can not buy beams individually.

The installati process of the Lifx Beam kit is relatively easy. The kit includes a set of 3M ctrol strips, which makes each beam easy to attach to your wall. Persally, I had very little trouble arranging mine in a neat layout my wall, although I recommend you arrange them a flat surface first to make sure that the desired layout meets your needs. your standards. As so as you glue them to your walls, they are not the easiest things to remove.

Each beam has a magnetic cnector at each end, and when you cnect them together, they draw power from the previous e. With the included corner, you can take a 90 degree turn.

An important thing to csider here is cable management. The power supply cnects to the last light strip via a MagSafe type magnetic cnector, which means that it's rocking to the ground. Leaving too much …

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